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All that we see or seem

Is but a dream within a dream

Art in it's many Forms
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*NOTE*: Those who would like to design, and create some grpahics for the page and user info, please contact me through email, or on AIM.

This is a pretty open and general community for poets,painters,authors,photographers,sketchers,actors,computer graphic artists,writers,song writers, or just people who admire the arts. Share whatever you like. From your own artwork,poetry,photography,graphics,lyrics, and stories and even the items mentioned from people you admire.

-New to the community? Introduce yourself and tell us about yourself.

-Are you a photographer,or an artist? Post your work, but make sure to put everything BEHIND AN LJ-CUT! If you don't know how, the code is ... . Please follow this. It slows down the page if you don't do it.

- Are you closed-minded, and only like things that are similar to your work? Be more open-minded. Try to put yourself in the artist's postion. A closed mind won't get you anywhere. Arrogance isn't welcome here.

- Share your criticism. Others will enjoy reading it, and it's a good way to learn and improve your skills. Don't be insulting though. Always be considerate of the person's feelings.

-Feel free to share poetry of other poets or any other form of art here. Remember to credit the person. Don't forget that lj-cut.

*NOTE:If you are a musician, and you have a website, post a link to it if wanted.*

Thanks and enjoy!

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